Making "dumb phones" smarter
through natural language question answering.

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Two thirds of individuals that own a mobile device do not own a smartphone, thus cutting them off from the treasure trove of information that is the Internet. SMSiri seeks to empower users of "dumb" phones or those in underdeveloped regions without access to a stable data connection by providing them with the same information retrieval technologies at the fingertips of smartphone users; we link smart and non-smart phones via text messaging.


Effortlessly find answers

By harnessing the power of the Wolfram|Alpha API, we enable users to discover the answers to a myriad of questions they may have, all composed in natural language.

Get from point A to point B offline

SMSiri allows users to tap into the detailed step-by-step navigation instructions of the Bing Maps API, enabling individuals without a smartphone to easily find their way about.

Language barriers crumble

By using the Microsoft Translator API, SMSiri empowers its users to quickly translate terms and sentences from their native tongue to a multitude of different languages.

Defend against the elements

The Open Weather Map API enables our users to quickly check the weather conditions of locations around the world.

Stay connected with others on the go

SMSiri allows users to quickly find the latest tweets of their friends, family, and others!. Now users can stay connected -- without a data connection.

Data Wise, Money Wise

The Yahoo! Finance API lets users tap into instant stock price reports, wherever they may be.

Find fun things to do!

With the Expedia Activities API, users can find the latest and greatest events happening around them and around the world.

Stay in the know with global affairs

Thanks to the Bing Search News API, users can find the latest headlines concerning any topic or location.

It's all natural

By utilizing natural language processing, we enable users to have greater freedom of input.